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Mobile Training Team

APT will integrate your needs into a compliant course that meets and/or exceeds state requirements. All standard courses can be taught at your facility provided the desired training facility meets applicable requirements i.e. certifiable range facility, adequate classroom size etc.

Firearms Courses:

Concealed Carry (Beginner and Advanced)

Practical Handgun for Home/Vehicle Defense

Advanced Duty Handgun for the Law Enforcement Officer (LEO)

Tactical Handgun For the LEO

Advanced Low Light Concepts

DCJS Private Security and LEO Firearms

FAA Flying Armed for the LEO

Introduction to the Carbine, Advanced Tactical Carbine

Introduction to the Shotgun, Advanced Tactical Shotgun

Introduction to the Precision Rifle

Designated Marksman

Police Sharpshooter Skills Development

Ballistic Shield Usage

Initiative Based Tactics (IBT-CQB)

Intermediate Weapons Systems and Hand Techniques:

Less Lethal

Baton (ASP®, Monadnock®, Winchester®)

Grappling and Ground Fighting Principles

Correctional Handcuffing

High Risk Prisoner Transport

Specialty Courses:

DCJS Core Subjects

Combinations of classes to fulfill In Service hours

Advanced Cell and Vehicle Extraction

Refuse to Be a Victim

Guard Mount and Standing Post

Vehicle and Personnel Inspections

Airport Baggage and Individual Screening

Inter-Personnel Communication

Courtroom Security

Emergency Vehicle Operation Course (EVOC)

All Red Cross Courses for the Professional Rescuer

Interactive Simulation Training:

Use of Force Decisions

Target Discrimination

Multiple Threat

Man-on-man, Force-on-force Non-Lethal Live Fire

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