Professional and Administrative Services


Regional Business Support (RBS)

Department of Defense and Federal Agencies use this vehicle to obtain support services in the area of Administrative and Clerical, Technical, Information Technology, Specialized Technology, Financial, Medical, Industrial and Education and Training.

Administrative and Clerical Support Services:

Answering and directing telephone calls and visitors

General Clerical Duties

Receiving, reviewing, and date stamping invoices

Personnel Assistant Tasks

Stenographer Tasks

Key Entry Operator Tasks

Document Preparation

Duplication Tasks

Travel Preparation/application

Supervision and Management support necessary for efficient administration and control of Administrative and Clerical support related tasks

Technical Support Services:

Environmental compliance and control

Drawing and Documentation services

Engineering and technical services

Biological and research services

Employee Assistance

Personnel Management

Property Management

Graphic Art

Transition Assistance

Information Technology Support Services:

Computer programming

Computer systems design

Computer operation including peripherals

Computer facility on-site management

Computer maintenance and repair

Database development

Information retrieval services

Network and telecommunications services

Web design

Project supervision

Database Administration

Specialized Technology Support Services

Data analysis services

Complex analytical services

What-if analysis

Systems design and implementation

Communication network design

Configuration Management including MIL-STD

Automated logistic support analyses

Technology research and recommendations

Software system development

Financial Support Services:

Accounting and auditing services

Budget analysis and reconciliation

Bookkeeping including audits

Fiscal budget planning and submissions

Medical Support Services

Medical record services

Medical transcription services

Project Supervision

For all disciplines

Industrial Support Services:

Electronic technicians at all levels

Water Treatment Plant Operators

Sewage Treatment Plant Operators

Fuel System operations

General Maintenance Workers

Heavy equipment maintenance

Laborers of all types

Warehouse operation services

Shipboard supply services

Tool crib support services

Material handling equipment operators

Woodworking including crate manufacturing

Heavy equipment operators

Industrial painting

Welding services including MIL-SPEC

Military supply operations of all types

Hazardous material packing and certification

Project supervision

Construction reps. at all levels

Recycling support services

Education and Training Services

Training curriculum development

Platform instruction services

On-the-job training services

Multimedia training services

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