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The Department of Defense has implemented a DOD- Wide Strategic sourcing (DWSS) program to provide customers throughout the Department with services and products acquired in the most efficient and advantageous manner. The DWSS Clerical and Administrative Support Services is part of this program.  It enables the government to achieve required services and products while achieving socio-economic goals.  APT has teamed with DLS Engineering Associates, a woman-owned 8a firm to assist the government in achieving their goals under the Strategic Sourcing Initiative. 

 Our Team mission is to provide responsive, quality clerical and administrative support services.   Here are some of the current labor categories. We’ll work with you to meet your specific needs. 

Accounting Clerk (I-III)

Production Control Clerk

Court Reporter

Rental Clerk

Dispatcher, Motor Vehicle

Scheduler, Maintenance

Document Preparation Clerk

Secretary I-V

Messenger (Courier)

Service Order Dispatcher

Duplicating Machine Operator

Stenographer I-II

Film/Tape Librarian

Supply Technician

General Clerk (I-IV)

Survey Worker (Interviewer)

Housing Referral Assistant

Switchboard Operator/Receptionist

Key Entry Operator I-II

Test Examiner

Order Clerk I-II

Test Proctor

Personnel Assistant I-IV

Travel Clerk I-III

 DWSS customers can order services through the DWSS portal.

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